Where it all began...

Buckets was started as just a way to provide hoopers with a different option from the major sneaker companies. Having grown up during the height of And1, the first basketball streetwear brand, I was always expressing my love for the game, in the gear I wore on the court.

At the time I was coaching my AAU team and already had an apparel company that provided services to small businesses, when I thought why not merge the two and create something similar to what I grew up wearing. I was coming to the end of my time coaching and I wanted to stay connected to the game in some way and this would give me that chance.

At the tournaments we played in I never saw any vendors or companies selling to the players so I figured why not fill that void. What better way to be directly in front of players that obviously loved playing the game and be able to see their response to the brand and designs in real time.

So, I set out to lay the foundation for what we were going to do. Knowing that we needed a brand name that resonated, I sat in the stands at a tournament and starting brainstorming. While thinking, I
had a very surreal moment where I could literally hear all of the conversations around me and the crazy part was this one word, I kept hearing over and over. I took this as a sign that it was being directed right at me. Any idea what that word was? You got it, it was BUCKETS!!

From that point on we set out to create the best grassroots basketball brand out, where ball players of all skill levels could blend their love for basketball and fashion. Over the years that has led us to our tagline. “Where style passes beyond the court” and we call this HOOPLeisure.

So, we are happy to have you here as a part of our squad. We look forward to sharing our love for the game with you and assisting you in looking good on and off the court.